Ball State University / TEECA Midwest Regional Information

Competitive event information for the Technology & Engineering Educators Collegiate Association (TEECA) . . . . .

2012 Midwest Regional Conference


October 5-6, 2012

TEECA-affiliated chapters throughout the midwest section of the United States participated in the 2012 TEECA Midwest Regional Conference @ Indianapolis, IN.  The conference was held in conjunction with the Indiana ACTE & E/TEI association's annual convention. 

The complete convention packet (from the Indiana Department of Education) is included at this link:  Click Here

This fall, we had schools from Illinois and Indiana at the regional.  Naturally, with the ITEEA Conference in Columbus, Ohio next spring, many of these same schools will be a short drive from the international convention in March 2013.

2012 TEECA Midwest Regional Results . . . . .

Teaching Lesson Contest

* CHAMPION: Indiana State University
     (Colby Boyer & Cody Eaves)

* RUNNER-UP: Illinois State University
TEECA Technology Challenge
* CHAMPION: Ball State University
     (Reed Beery, Tommy Kompier, Cale Rauch, & Chris Townsend)

* RUNNER-UP: Illinois State University

Problem Solving Contest

* CHAMPION: Illinois State University
     (Jose Cisneros, Matt Emberson, Jerry Kroll, & James Sullivan)

* RUNNER-UP: Ball State University
"Live" Communication Contest
* CHAMPION: Ball State University
     (Reed Beery, Wesley Ford, Justin Pemberton, & Chris Townsend)

* RUNNER-UP: Illinois State University

Transportation Contest

* CHAMPION: Ball State University
Wesley Ford, Tommy Kompier, Justin Pemberton, & Cale Rauch)
* RUNNER-UP: Illinois State University

Note: Five schools attended this year's IACTE Conference, with three groups participating in the '12 TEECA Midwest Regional.  The all time record is 7 schools . . . . . we could easily tie that number of entries in 2013!

Pre-Event TEECA Competitive Event Information:


College students will be creating a video based on a recycling theme.  The final product will be a 30-second PSA, suitable for broadcast on a local cable station.

Problem Solving

Teams of college students are given a packet of materials, and challenged to create a device or mechanism to solve a challenge.  Fabrication and testing of the “new” device occurs during the Saturday morning finals.

Teaching Lesson

“STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Math) Education”

The third Standard for Technological Literacy (STL) outlines the relationship of technology with other fields of study, including math and science.  Basically, TFAA:STL #3 highlights the importance of applying knowledge from many disciplines in a modern technological world.

For the TEECA Teaching Lesson event at the regional conference, students will teach a lesson that integrates concepts from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  The topic / theme (e.g., transportation, bio-technology, impacts) is up to each group.  Judges will review the students doing the teaching, while an audience is encouraged to watch the lessons.

TEECA Technology Challenge

The Technology Challenge involves teams of up to 4 students each competing in a quiz-bowl style event.  Questions related to communication, design, engineering, etc. are asked of the squads.  Like on “Jeopardy!”, team members must buzz-in with the appropriate answers. Ohio2013logo.jpg


Students from various colleges will design, build, test, and display a unique vehicle to match a land-based challenge.  Work time is Friday evening, and the “finals” on Saturday.

Conference & Contest Coordinator: Dr. Richard D. Seymour