Dept. of Technology / Dept. of Family & Consumer Sciences / Teachers College

Pleasant View Elementary (PVE) School

Pleasant View Elementary (PVE) School kindergarten classes from the Yorktown School are invited to come to Ball State University again this spring to participate in an annual production activity.

This is the 10th year in a row that all of the kindergarten classes have come to BSU

Since the students are already studying economics and consumer goods, this activity will align directly with their current curriculum.  The production activity allows each student to see how raw materials are converted into consumer products.
Four "production line" sessions are scheduled for PVES kindergarten students this spring . . . . during the morning and afternoon of Tuesday, February 19th and Thursday, February 21st.  In all, approximately 175 kindergarten students are going to visit the production labs in the Applied Technology Building on the Ball State campus.  The students will become "manufacturing workers" those two days, helping mass produce a PENCIL HOLDER in the shape of a school bus.

The product design is shown here, both by itself and in a simple package:


While at Ball State, the students will become employees of the PVE MANUFACTURING COMPANY

The 4 production periods will include between 25 and 50 workers.  The production facility in the Applied Technology Building / Room 215 will be set-up like this . . .

The young workers will be assisted by teaching majors from two programs within the College of Applied Sciences & Technology, including majors in Technology Teacher Education (LINK) and Family & Consumer Sciences (LINK).  Elementary education majors in the Technology Concentration (LINK) from Teachers College also are assisting during the activity.  Each of these Ball State students is currently enrolled in a degree program that leads to public school teaching credentials for the state of Indiana.

Over the years, PVE students have made TIC-TAC-TOE games, vehicles (a sailboat or a Yorktown school bus), a tool box full of school supplies, and a plant hanger. 

Here are links to the photographs from other years when PVE students built small products:  PRODUCTION SPRING 2012   PRODUCTION SPRING 2011   PRODUCTION SPRING 2008  [ Click on each link, then hit "back" on your browser! ]